Top 7 Absolute Coolest Electric Bikes You Can Buy [2020]

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2020 has proven itself to be the year of electric bikes! Maybe people are becoming more environmentally cautious or maybe it was all that time spent cooped up in quarantine, who knows? One thing for sure is that electric bikes (eBikes) are on the rise with many eBikes on backorder. Below you will find the absolute coolest electric bicycles out there. Let us know which is your favorite! 

Finding the best electric bike to suite your needs can be tough because there are so many things to look for when finding the perfect one. On top of that both big manufactures and niche bike shops have started to produce electric bike all with different specs, speeds, and styles. Here are are few things to keep in mind when choosing the best electric bike for you.

  • Style: Electric bikes come in all different styles: mountain bike, motorcycle, step through, commuter, and cargo are just a few.
  • Battery Life: Each eBike has a different battery. You will want to make sure that you get a bike that lasts long enough for the type of rides you would like to take. 
  • Features: Some electric bicycles are bare bones models without a lot of added features, while others will have headlights, fenders, cargo racks, leather handle grips, phone chargers. The possibilities are truly endless, you’ll have to make sure that you get a bike that features everything you’ll need.
  • Max Speed: An average max speed for an eBike should be somewhere between 20-28 mph in order for it to qualify as an eBike. Anything much higher than that will be classified as a moped or motorcycle.dirt bike and may require a license. Check your local eBike laws before purchasing.
  •  Tires/Brakes/Motor Position: The type of tires, brakes, and the position of your motor all determines how you bike will control and feel.
  • Price: A quality eBike will run you anywhere from $600 – $3,000+.


Super73 s2 electric ebike

SUPER73 hit the scene in 2017 with a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $400k! The SUPER73-S2 is the second electric bike that they have released and boy what an upgrade it is. Not only did the eBike get a total redesign, but the performance has also gotten considerable upgrades. They’ve even released a SUPER73 app that pairs with your bike to select different drive modes (which it has 4 of: Class 1, 2, 3, and Unlimited mode) and a map mode that tracks your travel and give you turn by turn directions. 


3 color options: Galaxy Black, Apollo White, and Hudson Blue
Obviously you have to go with the blue!
Front suspension fork with rebound dampening for a smoother ride
A battery that lasts up to 75 miles on pedal-assist mode
4 Speed Modes
Class 1 only allows pedal assist and caps the speed at ~20 mph which is the legal limit in most states. Unlimited mode allows you to go full throttle at speed above 28 mph.
Mid-range model: At The mid-range level the SUPER73-S2 gets you the most bang for your buck
Thumb throttle for acceleration - not as cool as a twist throttle


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Juiced Bikes: Scorpion

Juiced Bikes are a popular eBike brand and it’s clear why after taking a look at their new Scorpion model. This model boasts a  battery that lasts 45+ miles, has nice fat tires for a smoother ride, and a headlamp for night time riding. This model features a “motorcycle meets moped” style with raised handlebars that give it a classy but badass edge to it. It also has a built in rack in the back making it a nice option for commuters. This thing even has cruise control!


Nice thick tires for a smoother ride on all terrains
Motorcycle type design With a low seat and high handlebars for comfort
The electric throttle is a twist throttle adding to the motorcycle feel
Headlight and taillights
The taillights also act as brake lights
Entry level price
On the heavier side - weighs ~100 lbs


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ONYX RCR electric bike

The ONYX RCR – 72V is a beast of an electric bike. It’s more of an electric motorcycle than an eBike since it can reach speeds of 60 mph and can go from 0-60 in 4 seconds, but it does have pedals and can be ridden like a normal bike or with pedal assist. This bike might make more sense for those wishing to go off road of dirt trails much like a dirt bike. The ONYX RCR had excellent rear suspension to help handle it’s top speeds and features a large control display. Before buying you may want to check your local laws to make sure it is street legal without a motorcycle license. 


A design like no other
The mix of wood and metal on the frame really make a statement and the straight handlebars give it a motor cross style look.
Very, very fast
With a max speed of 60 mph in less than 4 second this is the fastest eBike on our list.
Battery lasts up to 75 miles while traveling 20 mph
May not be street legal in some states
In some states eBikes are broken down into different vehicle classes. The highest class being a class 3 eBike with a max mph of 28 anything more than this would be considered a moped and requires a license.
Price is on the higher end
With all that power comes a price tag.
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Cowboy 3 electric bike

The COWBOY 3 electric bike makes the list for its sleek and stylish look. Unlike some of the other eBikes, the COWBOY 3 fits in with any other mountain bike on the road except with far more style. Apple fans will love this simplistic high-tech design. The COWBOY 3‘s elegant LED headlight isn’t the only thing that shines either, it’s compact battery is built into it’s frame making it barely noticeable. With a weight of just 37 lbs this is the lightest eBike on the list. 


Sleek and simplistic style
This is the perfect eBike if you don’t want to stand out, but still make a statement.
Integrated battery
The battery is lightweight and snaps into the frame under the seat of the bike. Other eBikes have tried to hide their batteries in unique ways, but none as nicely as this.
Light weight
Weighing in at only 37 lbs, this is the best grab and go bike for everyday use.
Crash detection system
The only bike on the list with a built in crash detection system makes it your safest bet. It will even call an emergency contact for you if it detects an accident.
Mid-range cost
A little on the higher end for a mid-range bike, but it has a premium feel to it which makes it worth it.
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ZuGo: Rhino

ZuGo rhino ebike iridescent purple

I’m not going to lie the ZuGo Rhino is a good looking bike, but the real reason it makes this list is because of that amazing iridescent purple paint job. The ZuGo Rhino may not be the fastest kid on the block, but it features a battery that will last up to 90 miles on pedal assist which makes it the longest lasting battery on this list. The Rhino also comes in a step-through version if that is more your style.


Long lasting battery
A battery that lasts for 90 miles is on the high end for electric bikes. In order to get a battery to last that long you most likely will suffer on speed. ZuGo’s website does not specify a max speed, but I would assume that the batter life is taking into account a speed of 15-20 mph.
Large display
The ZuGo Rhino feature a larger display making it easier to read at a glance.
7 speed trigger shifter drivetrain
While not quite a 10 speed, a 7 speed shifter will make pedaling feel a lot tighter at higher speeds.
Built-in rack
A built in rack will make it easier to lug stuff around. Most eBikes offer a charge rack at an additional cost, so it’s a nice bonus feature.
Low cost
A ZuGo eBike is a nice introductory into a serious eBike.
Thumb throttle for acceleration - not as cool as a twist throttle
A thumb throttle will keep your wrist from hurting over tie compared to a twist throttle, but having a twist throttle feels more natural.


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EROY: ARC electric bike

The EROY: Arc is a statement piece.  If you want the look and feel of luxury, but still maintain a really manly rugged style then there is no other choice. The frame is built out of aircraft-grade aluminum which allows the frame to be strong and lighter. The leather seat a low profile handcrafted leather seat with memory foam for added comfort. Currently the EROY: Arc is listed as a limited edition run of 200, but if it sells well you can be sure that there will be future models.


Full color display panel
Not many displays are in full color, so it’s a nice touch for a luxury bike.
Max speed of 20 mph
This may be a negative for some people, but keeping the max speed at 20 mph ensures that it is street legal without a license.
Entirely handcrafted in the US
Aircraft-grade lightweight aluminum source in North Carolina and a memory foam seat are nice touches if you are looking for a unique eBike make in the US.
High end prince
It’s price tag makes the EROY: Arc a high end luxury model, but it is a limited edition and all handcrafted in the US.
Pretty basic
I think saying that the EROY: Arc is all style over substance isn’t fair to say, but performance wise it is a little lacking. You definitely choose this eBike for it’s style.
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LUNA CYCLE: FAT BABE Electric bicycle

Luna cycles are a popular electric bicycle brand and the benefit of being one of the leading brands is that they offer a ton of different eBike models. Some Luna electric bicycles are electric mountain bike and others are motorcycle style eBikes. The Luna Cycle: Fat Babe is technically an electric mountain bike, but it’s huge “fat tires” make it a great option for riders who want to venture into the world of off-road biking or like to ride through the snow during winter or the sand during the summer months.  

The Luna Fat Babe features a pretty standard 800w mid drive motor, 5 speed gear hub, hydronic brakes, and a 48V 13.5AH battery which is hidden within the cross bar of the bikes aluminum frame. A unique feature of this eBike is the optional upgrade of a “silent treatment” motor that promises a motor that is half as loud as the standard motor.

Out of all the eBikes on this list, the Luna Fat Babe is the most well rounded, best of both worlds, bike. It functions as both a mountain bike for a more practical commuter bike and an off-road bike for more exhilarating weekend rides. 


Sleek design with a hidden battery system
Some companies have tried to hide batteries in unique ways, but building in the battery into the frame is hands down the best option.
Good for commuting and off-road riding
The Luna Fat Babe feature a mountain bike frame with off-road tires. It’s the best of both worlds!
Optional silent motor
For an extra $200 you can upgrade your motor to one that is 50% quieter, making this low key eBike even more stealthy.
Twist throttle
Throttle types are a bit of personal preference, but if I had a choice between a twist, thumb, or push throttle I would always choose the twist throttle.
High end price
It’s certainly not the highest priced eBike on the market, but it is a pretty pricey model.


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We will be sure to update this post whenever an awesome new eBike is released. Please feel free to share photos of bikes that You think should make our list! If you have a second, please share this blog post on social media to help spread awareness of these great up and coming eBike companies, many of them are small business and could really use your support.

Don’t forget to pick up a helmet too! We have a list of the Top 7 Best Ebike Helmets.

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