🚴 11 Must Have Electric Bike Accessories – Trust Us You’ll Want These

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Electric bike accessories are a must have for anyone with an e-bike. There are so many different accessories to choose from though. What are the best ones for your bike? It depends really, some electric bikes have special accessories only compatible with their bikes, but most are universal. Below you will find the best electric bike accessories you can buy. We hand selected each item on this list to make sure that all of the products we recommend are high quality must have accessories.

What electric bike accessories are essential for all riders?

We recommend that every ebike owner has the following accessories equipped. Not only for their function, but also to help make the bike a little more your own. Half of the fun in owning a bike is customizing it, so why not go buck wild!

  • Bell or horn
  • Mirrors
  • Water bottle holder
  • Phone mount
  • Cargo holder or basket
  • Bike rack for car
  • Comfortable handlebar gripes
  • Bike lock
  • Pegs
  • Helmet

Must Have Electric Bike Accessories

Hafney bike mirror electric bike accessories

Hafney bike mirrors

Hafney makes some of the best bike mirrors out there and because they attach directly to your handlebars they will fit every single ebike model. We specifically like the ones pictured above because they add a little more style to your ride and provide a wider view of the surroundings behind you.

Universal - fits all ebikes
Adjustable from multiple points
Both the mirror and arm can be adjusted based on your preference. You can even install them upside down for a more low profile look.
Easy install
Just a few turns of an Allen key and you are good to go. 2 minute installation.
Learn More and Buy


Juiced bikes electric bike horn and alarm system

Juiced Bikes electric bike horn and alarm system

Now this is a very cool product and a bit of a 2 for 1 deal. The actual horn attaches to the center of your handlebars and then the button attaches next to your handlebar grips for easy access. When you press the button, the horn activates a very loud horn sound that is designed to be heard by cars. This is important if you are riding your ebike on the road.

The horn also comes with a remote key ring that you can use to arm the alarm, so if anyone takes off with your bike you can activate it and scare the crap out of them!

Although it is made by Juiced Bikes (a popular ebike brand) the horn can be attached to any bike.
Designed specifically for ebikes
The horn reach 118 decibels to make sure it is heard by people driving in cars.
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Electric bike accessories rack for car

Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE for electric bikes

I know what you are thinking, do I really need a bike rack for my ebike? Maybe not at first, but a few weeks into ebike ownership you will be itching to take your bike to more exciting locations.

Electric bikes tend to be a little bigger and heavier than traditional bikes so you will want to make sure that you buy a rack specifically designed for the extra weight and wider tires.

Carries 2 ebikes
This model fits 2 electric bikes with 3” tires, but they also sell a model that supports up to 5” fat tires that are very popular on ebikes.
Exclusive no-wobble technology
To make sure your bikes stay secure this bike rack has a no-wobble system in place, as well as, a quick-release lever for easy unloading.
Hitch required
You’ll need a 2” hitch for this rack, but it’s worth the investment in the long run.
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Electric bike phone mounts

Ebike phone mount

There are tons of electric bike phone mounts on the market. When picking the one for your bike you should first and foremost make sure that it is made from quality materials. The last thing you would want is for your phone to fall out or not be protected if you take a tumble.

I personally prefer mounts that do not require a special case for it to mount to your bike, but there are definitely advantages for using a case like that. For example, they are usually more durable and protective. Almost all phone mounts are universal.

Universal for all phones and ebikes
Easy to connect
Most mounts require very minimal installation.
Popular Phone Mounts


Since you will have your phone with you, you might as well use it to get some entertainment while riding! Listening to music is always a great option, but have you ever listened to an audiobook while riding?

I do it all the time and it’s a great way to breezing through a few good books while you are taking in the scenery.

Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks


Thousand heritage electric bike helmet

Thousand: Heritage electric bike helmet

You have probably seen one of these bad boys while out cruising. They are very popular and for a reason: they are so cool looking! They have a classic 1950s look to them, but with today’s modern technology. Don’t be fooled, while these helmets look heavy, they are actually very lightweight which make them perfect for ebikes.

Over 12 colors and designs to choose from
Hidden port to lock the helmet to your ebike
On the opposite side of the helmet, there is a hidden port where you can loop your U-Lock or chain lock through and attach it to your ebike.
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We have a list of the Top 7 Best Electric Bike Helmets. We’ve included a wide range of styles and levels of protections to best suit every style of rider. Be sure to check it out!


GOEXM handlebar grips

Most handlebar grips on electric bikes are pretty basic. For a more comfortable ride, especially during longer rides, you will want premium grips. A lot of grips are made out of rubber which can get hot during the summer months and make your hands sweat. Leather grips help reduce those effects.

Made out of microfiber leather
Leather grips are both more durable and comfortable than rubber.
Ergonomic design for reduced hand fatigue
These grips bevel out at the ends making them more ergonomic for your hands and wrists. They will allow you to ride comfortably for a longer amount of time.
Learn More and Buy


Axiom Bag Pannier For electric bike

Axiom bag pannier for rear ebike rack

A lot of ebikes come with some sort of cargo rack attached to the back wheel. We recommend buying a bag to attach to it for storage. You might not think you would use the cargo rack all that much, but you would be surprised.

With an electric bike you could make quick trips to the supermarket or convenience store on your bike rather than wasting gas just to travel down the road. Having a bag or a pannier will make it much easier to bring everything home with you.

Trusted brand made with quality materials
Axiom bags are sold at REIs around the world, so you know it has to live up to their rugged expectations.
Maximum storage
With a double sided pannier you will be able to carry a lot more cargo than if you were to go with a basket or some other sort of top mounted bag.
Learn More and Buy


Ibera electric bike cargo rack universal

Ibera rear bike cargo rack (universal)

If your electric bike doesn’t already have a bike rack, then you are going to want to get one. It’s not essential, but it gives your bike much more utility. You can use the cargo rack to cart groceries back and forth from the store, carry a picnic basket to the park, or even strap a speaker to it for some tunes on the road.

This electric bike cargo rack can be installed on all 26” – 29” bikes. While it is universal, please double check all of the specs to make sure it will fit your bike. A lot of ebikes have unusual set ups.
Top and side loading
This rack allows for top and side loading. You may need some bungee cords or other materials to safely attach your cargo to you bike.
Learn More and Buy


Aduro electric bike water bottle holder

Aduro water bottle holder

Now we’ve had some pretty essential accessories for your ebike in this post, but a water bottle holder has to be the #1 item on your list. They are cheap, easy to install, and you will get more use out of it than anything else on this list. This model is very low profile and light weight so you don’t have to worry about it taking away from the design of your bike. 

2 pack
You might be thinking, what will I do with two water bottle holders? Well, you would be surprised. With many eBikes getting 60+ miles before their battery needs to be recharged you will want some extra H20.
Low profile
Some other water bottle holders can be bulky, or even worse yet, made out of plastic. This one is neither.
Learn More and Buy


Electric bike pegs for passengers

Electric bike pegs

What could make an electric bike even more fun? I’ll tell you what, bringing along a friend! While some ebikes have an extended seat that can hold an extra person, most do not. In that case you will most definitely want to add some pegs to your bike. Pegs come in all colors and styles, so you’ll want to grab a pair that match the color of your bike or act as an accent color.

Cheap upgrade
Pegs are inexpensive and the value they add far exceeds their price. Even if you only have a friend tag along occasionally it will be well worth it.
Nearly universal
Most pegs fit on 3/8” axels, and simply screw on, but be sure to check the exact size you will need for your bike.
Popular Bike Pegs


Ottolock electric bike lock accessory

Ottolock Sidekick electric bike lock

Most electric bike owners will purchase a Kryptonite lock because they are a very well known and trusted brand. You wouldn’t be wrong either, Kryptonite locks are awesome.

The Ottolock Sidekick provides the same amount of protection (both are made out of 12mm double-shackled steel), but is coated with silicone to protect from scratches that the lock may make on your bike. I don’t know about you, but if I’m spending $1,500+ on an electric bike, you better believe that I am going to do whatever it takes for it not to be scratched.

Top notch protection
The lock is made from 12mm thick steel with an anti-rotation deadbolt.
Won’t scratch your bike
The lock itself is coated in lightweight silicone which protects your bike from being scratched when taking the lock on and off.
Learn More and Buy



Whenever I buy something new, the best part is always accessorizing it to make it my own. Have fun picking out your accessories and customize your bike to fit your specific wants and needs. Some people want their bikes to be flashy and equipped with LED wheel lights and risqué accessories, while others want a more simplistic look so that they don’t take away from the design of their bike. Whichever camp you fall into, by the time you are done equipping your bike you will be prepared for every scenario that may come your way.

We touched on one helmet that we recommend in the post above, but be sure to check out our post on the Top 7 Best Electric Bike Helmets for a bunch of other recommendations. We’re sure you will find one you love.

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