Best Electric Bikes for Tall and Heavy Riders – 6 ft and up

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The best electric bikes for tall or heavyset people should have: a frame that is between 23” – 25” in height, a  wide or elongated seat, elevated handlebars, a suspension system, and fat tires. 

Choosing an ebike that is the correct size for your height will make riding much more comfortable and you will be able to ride for longer periods of time before needing a break. Buying an electric bike made for taller people may also help with bad knees or joint pain because your legs and arms will be extended which will help relieve pressure.

3 major components for tall riders

Bike frame size

The size of your bike frame is the most important factor when it comes to choosing your bike. We outline how to calculate what frame size you will need below.

Type of seat

You will want a seat that is either extra-wide or elongated. The longer the seat, the further back you will be able to sit which will allow for your knees to be extended in a more comfortable position. Luckily, a lot of electric bikes have elongated seats. Seats that are extra wide provide more surface area to sit on and will reduce pressure on your butt and inner thighs.

Handlebar height

Handlebar height will help with what I call “handlebar hunch.” This is when your handlebars are too low and cause you to hunch in order to reach them. If you have taller handlebars your posture will naturally straighten. 

Heavy rider considerations

Fat tires

Some heavy riders find that they get a more comfortable ride with Fat tires. Furthermore, fat tires usually have sturdier rims and spokes. Heavier riders may have issues with their spokes breaking If they do no purchase a bike suitable for their weight.

Suspension system

Larger riders will want a bike with a suspension system. A suspension system will help reduce the sag that will present itself when applying your weight to the bike. You can adjust the suspension settings in order to find a setting that is most comfortable for you.


Choosing the right frame size (the complicated way)

To determine the exact electric bike frame size you will need for your height you will need to measure your inseam. Your inseam measurement will directly correlate with the size bike frame you will need for a comfortable ride. 

Here is how to measure your inseam:

  • Stand naturally, with your feet about a foot apart 
  • Measure from the ground to your crotch (approximately where the seat of the bike will be)
  • Convert that measurement from inches to centimeters
  • Apply this formula: Inseam measurement (cm) x 0.685
  • Convert that number back to inched and you will have your frame size

Some sites will give you slightly different calculations based on which style of electric bike you plan to ride (road, city, mountain), but it really won’t matter that much because you will be able to make minor adjustments to different parts of your bike for a perfect fit later on.

Choosing the right frame size (the lazy way)

I call this the lazy way, but honestly, if you only use the chart below you will be perfectly fine. Below you will find a chart that has already done the math from above for you.

Your HeightInseam LengthBike Frame Size
5’6” - 5’9”29.5” - 31”20” - 21”
5’10” - 6’1”31.5” - 33”22” - 23”
6’2” - 6’5”34.5” - 36”24” - 25”
6’6” - 6’9”37” - 38.5”26” - 27”

Additional adjustments for a perfect fit

To get the perfect fit you will want to make minor adjustments to:

  • Seat height and tilt
  • Handlebar height and tilt
  • Tire pressure
  • Air pressure or spring firmness of your shocks or suspension fork

Once you fine-tune your bike, you will find that you will have a much smoother ride, fewer aches and pains while riding, and will be able to ride for longer amounts of time.

How to make sense of bike sizes

Electric bike sizes can be confusing because different manufacturers list their “sizes” in different ways.

Here are a few of the ways you may see bike sizes online:

  • Men’s 26” Bike – The 26” is referring to the wheel size
  • Women’s Bike 23” Frame – The 23” is referring to the frame size
  • Men’s Bike XXL – The XXL is referring to neither wheel size nor frame size

The calculation I gave you in the previous section is to calculate the frame size you will need. Be sure that you take note of which part of the bike the manufacturer is referring to when they show you the size of their bike.

You will want to make sure you are looking at the frame size and not the wheel size. A bike with a wheel size of 26” can have a frame size of 15” – 21” or even larger.

Some manufactures will list their bikes in sizes like Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL. Some may even get more creative and call the size of their bikes something like “Big and Tall.” You will want to make sure you find out the exact measurements for bikes listed in this manner.

Best Electric Bikes for Tall and Heavy Riders

Based on the measurements from above, we’ve put together a list of the best electric bikes for tall and heavy riders. If you have had a good experience with a particular electric bike that is not on the list, please leave the recommendation in the comments section.

Juiced scorpion electric bike dimensions

Juiced Bikes: Scorpion

The Scorpion makes it high on our list of electric bikes for tall riders because it meets every requirement outline above. This ebike includes an elongated seta, high handlebars, fat tires, and front/rear suspension. The bike costs roughly $2,000, but that is well within an appropriate price range for all of its features.

Seat Height: 33” – Ideal for riders 6’ – 6’5”

Weight Capacity: 275 lbs.

Elongated seat
An elongated seat allows tall riders to sit further back with their legs out stretched. This will make for a more comfortable ride.
High handlebars
Tall riders usually prefer higher handlebars because the length of their arms are longer. High handle bars will help with your posture and from having your elbows hit your knees.
Front and rear suspension
A suspension system will make riding much smoother for all riders, but it has extra benefits for heavy riders.
Fat tires
Some prefer fat tires for their looks while others prefer them for their ability to ride on all terrains. Heavy riders have will have additional benefits. 
Learn More and Buy


electric bike helmets blog


Addmotor motan retro cruiser electric bike

Addmotor: MOTAN

The Addmotor MOTAN electric bike is an excellent option for tall and heavy riders. It comes standard with extra tall handlebars (the tallest stock handlebars we’ve seen on an ebike), an elongated seat, fat tires, and front suspension. This is the ebike that my father owns and fits comfortably on and he measures in at 6’7”. It’s also a little cheaper than the Juiced Scorpion and looks a tad bit cooler in my opinion.

Seat Height: 32.2” – Ideal for riders 6’ – 6’8”

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.

Elongated seat
This bike has a really long seat. This will allow you to sit further back and ride it like a chopper.
High handlebars
These handlebars are 20’ high. If you like to sit far back on your bike with outstretched arms, this is the bike for you.
Thick tires
4” thick tires will allow for a smoother ride that can be taken on almost any terrain.
Learn More and Buy


Sixthreezero zero Around the Block women’s electric bike cruiser

Sixthreezero: Around the Block Women’s Electric Bike Cruiser

Sixthreezero makes beautiful cruiser style electric bikes for tall women. This bike features wide handlebars and an ergonomic design that is great for joint and back pain. The extra-wide seat will also help larger riders be more comfortable. The seat height on this bike can also be adjusted up to 42”.

Seat Height: 32” – Ideal for riders 6’ – 6’5”

Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

Extra-wide seat

Extra-wide seat
An extra-wide seat will make for a more comfortable ride, especially if you’re planning longer trips.
Ergonomic design
The handlebar and pedal position on this bike helps with riding posture and causes less strain and body pain. Both of which taller riders tend to experience.
Wide handlebars
Beach cruisers like this ebike are often more comfortable for riders because they are designed for more leisurely rides, not trails through the backwoods.
Learn More and Buy


ECOTRIC 26” electric bike fat tire

ECOTRIC: Fat Tire Beach Now Electric Bike

ECOTRIC bikes are a good starter electric bike for tall riders because it has a decent amount of features and costs under $1,000. It’s also a very nice looking bike and comes in black with 3 different accent colors: orange, blue, and solid black. If you are looking for a no-frills starter bike this one would be a good choice.

Seat Height: 32” – Multiple reviews for this bike mention that it is a comfortable fit for riders 6’6”

Weight Capacity: 265 lbs

Wide seat
The seat on this bike is not exactly extra wide, but it is wider than a typical mountain bike. 
Fat tires
4” fat tires will make the ride more enjoyable and will also help with traction in the snow or sand.
Learn More and Buy


Nakto 26” women’s electric bike cargo


The Nakto Camel is a good beginner’s electric bike for tall women. It has 26” tires, a wide seat, cruiser-style handlebars, and a seat that can be adjusted up to 38”. All of these features will make it comfortable for tall female riders. It is also a steal at around $700.

Seat Height: 32” – adjustable up to 38”

Weight Capacity: 250 lbs

Beach cruiser
A beach cruiser ebike will be more comfortable for taller or heavyset women because they typically have wider seats and handlebars.
Cargo options
This Nakto ebike has a built in cargo rack that you can attach bags to. It also has a basket in front of the handlebars to cart around your purse or small dog. These aren’t necessarily a reason for tall riders to buy this bike, but they are nice extras.
Learn More and Buy


If you’re looking for some really cool electric bikes check out our list here:

Top 7 Absolute Coolest Electric Bikes You Can Buy [2020]

Ebike Accessories for extra comfort

Already have an electric bike? Here are some upgrades and accessories to make your ride more comfortable:

Electric bike memory foam saddle with lights

Giddy Up! Memory Foam eBike Saddle

A saddle or bike seat is always the first thing you will want to swap out on your bike if you’re feeling uncomfortable. They are also relatively inexpensive and can make a world of difference by relieving pressure on your butt.

Shock absorbent
Swapping out your bike seat is just a matter of using an Allen key to remove the old seat and replace it with the new one, easy as pie.

Bonus feature: This saddle comes with an LED taillight to make your bike just a little bit safer, especially when riding at night.

Learn More and Buy


Handlebar tribes for electric bike

Comfortable handlebar grips

Let’s face it, stock handlebar grips stink for the most part. You’ll want to swap them out immediately for something that is more ergonomic.

Examples of Premium Handlebar Grips To Buy


Handlebar tape for electric bikes

Handlebar tape

Handlebar tape is an alternative to buying new grips. It won’t make your grips any more ergonomic, but it will make them more plush and comfortable than rubber. The tape comes in all different styles and colors so you can really go wild with the design.

Premium Handlebar Tape Examples to Buy


Electric bike seat suspension post

Seat post suspension

Everyone can use a little more cushion in their pushin’. If you’re looking for the most comfortable ride possible, you may also want to equip a suspension seat post. This will improve your comfort, control, vibrations, and decrease pain and fatigue while riding. Seat post suspensions can handle up to 250 lbs so be sure you buy one that will support your weight for best results.

Good Seat Suspension Posts Options to Buy


Electric bike gloves

High-quality bicycle gloves

Tall or heavier riders usually are more concerned about their bike fitting them correctly, but you should also consider some other creature comforts for your bike. Premium bicycle gloves are an excellent accessory to have when riding. Make sure you get a pair with gel padding to help absorb some of the vibrations while riding. 

High Quality Glove Options to Buy


Looking for some more accessories for your e-bike? Check out our blog below:

🚴 11 Must Have Electric Bike Accessories – Trust Us You’ll Want These


Hopefully, after reading this guide you will have enough information to make a decision on the best electric bike for your height and weight. If you remember these 3 things you will find the perfect bike for your size:

  • Size matters: Take the time to measure yourself and make sure that you are buying a bike that was designed for your size.
  • Comfort matters: Take into consideration the type of handlebars, length, and width of the seat, and the width of the tires. All of these things will allow for a more comfortable ride for taller and/or heavier people.
  • Accessorize: The final piece of finding the most comfortable fit is to buy a couple of accessories like a gel cushion or leather handlebar grips. These will be the icing on the cake. 



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